The «Vlah» language – a Serbian fake

22 februarie 2012

Serbia on the way to create huge diplomatic scandal with Romania
The beginning of 2012 gives the linguists a new area of study. Serbian authorities are planning to invent and standardize a new language“the Vlach language”.

The National Council of the Vlah minority, which should represent the interests of the Vlach/Romanian minority in Serbia was overtaken by Serbian parties in 2009. More exactly, Serbian authorities have allowed and encouraged nonVlachs/nonRomanians to participate for this election. Thus, the Serbian parties were allowed to participate and took control of the Council. From that moment, the activity of the Council was directed for the replacemt of the Romanian language in Timoc Valley (a Romanian majoritary area) of Serbia with a new invention, the “Vlah language”.

Thus, at the beginning of 2012 the pioneers of this stupidity have created already a new alphabet that is ready to be imposed to the Romanians (Vlachs) in Timoc.

Soviet model
We all know that after ocupying the eastern part of the Romanian principality of Moldova in 1812, the Russian Empire and latter on the Soviet Union have continually tried to tell the inhabitants of this teritory that they are not speaking Romanian but Moldovan.

Now, there are still some remainings of this histirical clash:
-the Declaration of independence of the Republic of Moldova from 1991 sais Romanian is the state language;
-the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova from 1994 (modified by Agrarians -Comunists) sais Moldovan is the state language.

The officials in the Republic of Moldova have also diffrent opinions about the same language:
-the prime minister speaks Romanian;
-the President of the Parliament (interim President of the Republic) sais he speaks Romanian from the schientific point of view and Moldovan from the political point of view;
-the leader of the Liberal Party from the governing alience sais he speaks Romanian;
-the communits in the oposition, the remainings of the soviet times, speak Moldovan;
-the Moldovan Academy of Science sais the language of the population of the Republic of Moldova is Romanian and any atempt to call it Moldovan is unscientific.

Transplantation of stupidity
So, as we see, imperialist times of Russia and the soviet ones have created a monster, the “Moldovan language”. A fake name of the language in order to assimilate the population. Due to intense propaganda, some still believe this stupidity.

But what it is even more absurde in the Europe of 2012 is that Serbia, a country that calls itself democratic and plans to European integration, a country that wants good relations with its neighbours, including Romania, a country that need to respect minority rights in order to get closer to its EU objective, this country alows and suports an agression against an important part of its population (the Vlah/Romanian minority) and promotes a scandalous relation with its neigbour Romania.

So, what we can do, is to “congratulate” Romanians for their historical ability to manage to speak their own language three times in one: Romanian, Moldovan and Vlah options, but also we can congratulate Serbia for its succes in restoring “Soviet democracy” after 20 years of its collapse and thus cutting any changes to get closer of the European Union in the near future.

George Cristian Popescu

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